Ferrari 430 with Capristo Exhaust | Scuderia Car Pars

Ferrari 430 with Capristo Exhaust | Scuderia Car Pars
Close up of a full Capristo Exhaust System fitted to a Ferrari 430 by exclusive UK distributors, Scuderia Car Parts.

Instead of just delivering volume, the Capristo exhaust kit lifts the pitch of the exhaust note on the Ferrari F430, making the car howl instead of just generating noise – listen carefully to how the engine noise is overlaid with a lovely high pitched exhaust note – especially on the downshifts and overrun.

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G,day Guys👍🏻, today I take you all with me to 🇨🇭TREASURE LAKE, where we find the MOTHER LOAD 👑, It was an AWESOME day, found a FERRARI and PLENTY of GOLD & SILVER RINGS💍, I found one gold ring I know nothing about it, if you guys know anything about it’s origin or from what year its from I’d appreciate any information. If it is an historical artifact then I will be returning it to the appropriate authorities. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HUNTS, 🤜SMASH🤛 That LIKE👍🏻 BUTTON🚨and 💦DROWN💦 Me in COMMENTS😎, I’ll see you all on the next hunt guys🇨🇭💍👍🏻

BMW Z3 – Winter Wash, Audi RS4 Reaction & NEW PARTS!

BMW Z3 – Winter Wash, Audi RS4 Reaction & NEW PARTS!
Its not the best idea to wash your car in the freezing cold as i found out in this video.. I also went in an RS4 for the first time, Failed at snow drifting and show you something that I’m very excited to fit to the car! If you enjoy the video then please subscribe and hit like.

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Skid Plates

Ferrari 458 Speciale Skid Plates
At Automods, we design and manufacture Ferrari 458 Speciale Skid Plates that use all possible factory mounting points. The skid plates are made out of a high-density plastic and all the holes are pre-drilled and countersunk for durability. Our kits include all the necessary hardware and instructions for a professional installation.

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Skid Plates | Ferrari Skid Plates | Ferrari Parts | Custom Skid Plates | Front Bumper Protector | Front Bumper Guard

ECS Tuning FEBI vs URO Parts CSB BMW E46 325

ECS Tuning FEBI vs URO Parts CSB BMW E46 325
UPDATE : FEBI is still strong and no vibrations! A little comparison between uro parts and febi center support bearing for an e46. FEBI rubber is high quality compared to the URO parts that failed on me in 3 months. I HOPE THIS HELPS spend the little extra and get the FEBI you will save time and money in the long run

LEGO Speed Champions new parts — a casual view

LEGO Speed Champions new parts — a casual view
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TURNING A $1,500 BMW INTO A $5,000 BMW!

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