Kubica “Even More Efficient” – Bottas “Penalties Affect Title” – Hamilton “Ferrari is Interesting”

Kubica “Even More Efficient” – Bottas “Penalties Affect Title” – Hamilton “Ferrari is Interesting”
00:18 Don’t “Crawl Back” to Old Engines
01:14 Halo Could Make F1 Autonomous
01:56 Hamilton “Ferrari Could Be Interesting”
02:59 Kubica “Even More Efficient”
04:05 F1 Could Standardise Parts
05:09 Bottas “Penalties Can Really Affect Championship”
06:10 Stroll “Can’t Put Expectations Through the Roof”

Don’t “Crawl Back” to Old Engines

‘Louder, cheaper, better’ engines are what F1 CEO Chase Carey is calling for. Christian Horner would love to go back to the old V8s or V10s. But Mercedes boss Toto Wolff thinks that it would be a bad move to look to the past and believes it’s a matter of continually pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

“There has been scope for various pillars that the new engine needs to have: cost of development needs to be under control, it needs to be high-tech, it needs to be hybrid, power-to-weight ratio needs to be better than it is now, and now we need to look at the quality of sound.”

Halo Could Make F1 Autonomous

Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, has come out with a bold statement inferring that if the FIA don’t keep some perspective in regards to safety, that F1 could end up without drivers at all.

Hamilton “Ferrari Could Be Interesting”

With Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes contract set to end after the 2018 season there has been much speculation as to what he will do. When speaking recently Hamilton himself touched on his thoughts about it all.

“There’s no other team except for Ferrari that could ever be interesting, but right now I love being here, I love the people I work for, the people I work with and what the company represents. I am so happy where I am. If I was to jump ship from here, that would be when I stop. Mercedes take care of their drivers.”

Kubica “Even More Efficient”

No major news has broken since Robert Kubica tested in Hungary for Renault but lots of people have been casting their opinions on a possible comeback, some say as soon as next race in Spa. Whatever the plan, Renault are keeping a tight lid on it at the current moment in time. Daniel Schloesser who is known for being Nico Rosberg’s physiotherapist last season has come out with his insight into how he feels Kubica would be able to perform given the damage to his right arm.

“Instead of pressing with the right, you can pull with the left. And depending on the technique, this can even be more efficient. In Hungary, he ran a very difficult programme in high temperatures, which was hard for some young drivers. Anyone who can handle that can also handle a grand prix.”

F1 Could Standardise Parts

Formula 1 is looking to cut costs and close the financial gap between the top and bottom tier teams. When it comes to budgets, the difference between teams can be in the order of hundreds of millions of Euros. F1 CEO Chase Carey thinks that one measure they can implement to help the smaller teams without restricting the freedom of larger teams is to have some parts standardised.

“There are many paths to get there, whether it’s cost caps, or other ways to address key components of the car. We’re not looking to standardise the car, we think it is very important to continue to have a sport that is competition married to state of the art technologies. We’re not looking to dumb the cars down, but I think we can standardise components of it.”

Bottas “Penalties Can Really Affect Championship”

When Finnish driver Valterri Bottas, who is sitting 3rd in the title, was asked about how parts penalties may come into play, he admitted he hadn’t really thought about it but agrees that it will impact decision making.

“I never really thought of that, for me it is what it is, but that’s a good point as it’s definitively penalising the drivers and this year it can really affect the championship fight. But those are the rules now and everyone is driving within the same rules, so it’s ok.”

Stroll “Can’t Put Expectations Through the Roof”

18 year old rookie driver, Lance Stroll, has had his F1 career met with much criticism and doubt. But as mature as somebody twice his age he seems unfazed and grounded enough in his approach to keep taking strides forward.

“You can’t put your expectations through the roof. If you surprise yourself, great, but if you don’t then just work from there. Any other mindset would be wrong. If you expect to come in and blow everyone away at 18 years old, that’s a bit ambitious. The realistic mindset, being in the process, taking it weekend by weekend, concentrating on one thing at a time, that’s the best way to compete.”

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