E46 ZF 5HP19 Transmission Rebuild Part 1 BMW 330i 325i

E46 ZF 5HP19 Transmission Rebuild Part 1 BMW 330i 325i
So I’ve had to rebuild my transmission because it was leaking. This is part 1 of probably 3 videos that I will do on the subject. Checkout the other parts:

Part 2: https://youtu.be/Izltv3Ot_SA
Part 3: https://youtu.be/YvFfxZVZDes

There should be 5 documents related to rebuilding the transmission in this dropbox folder:


In that folder you will find the exploded diagrams for the valve body as well as instructions for the proper resistances for all the solenoids.

To see how to get the transmission in and out of the car, checkout my rear main seal videos:

I bought my rebuild kit from The California Transmission Supply Company, which was an authentic ZF kit and they had the best prices I could find:


Check out Transtar’s website here:


In addition to simply buying absolutely everything you need from them, including rebuild kits and friction rings and the oil pump, etc, you can get every small part inside of the transmission as well, including the little plastic tubes for the oil pump. Be careful to save your o-rings because they only come in the rebuild kit, I believe. They were out of those as separate items.

Apparently FCP Euro has ZF oil pumps available so check them out at:


If you need to rebuild your torque converter and don’t want to let them do it for whatever reason (maybe you’re not near them and it will cost too much to ship to them and back), you can also buy a rebuilt one from Torco Enterprise, which is in the Los Angeles area, and they also sell on eBay:


I reference several other videos in this one, particularly those of Jeff Richardson, which I’ve created a playlist for:

As well as this video from transmission builder Gary Ferraro:

If anyone is wondering, here is the cost break down of the parts I bought (around Jan 2016):

Torque Converter 1.65
Oil Pipes .08
Rebuild Kit 9.95
Reverse Drum .00
F Clutch Drum .00
Friction Plates 0.00
Oil Pump 8.75
ATF Fluid .22
Grand Total 4.65

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