Dh1 million Ferrari destroyed in seconds

Dh1 million Ferrari destroyed in seconds
A millionaire owner of a £200,000 (Dh1 million) Ferrari 458 Spider is heart-broken after the Birmingham police destroyed his uninsured seized super-car.

A video footage of the confiscated car being crushed in a scrap-yard was posted on Facebook by the Ferrari’s owner Zahid Khan, who claims that police wrongfully destroyed the vehicle. The video shows the Ferrari, which has a top speed of 210mph, being crushed by a large claw in the scrapyard.

According to Khan, the car was insured but was crushed by the police while he was trying to get the vehicle papers from the courts to prove his ownership. Zahid wrote on Facebook: ‘This is my Ferrari the police crushed unlawfully!! It has taken them almost 1 year to release the video, I wonder why?’

Khan was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail, “My car was insured, and I was the owner. They went behind my back and removed a court order that was imposed on the car without notifying myself or my legal team, although the police was put on notice that if they were to go court, they had to inform us first.”

Khan’s white Ferrari was seized by police last April as he drove into Birmingham as officers suspected it had been stolen when he failed to provide paperwork. But, problems began for Khan after he was exposed as a rogue landlord in December 2016, and was sentenced to 150 hours community service. He successfully appealed three of his convictions in March 2017 and parked the Ferrari outside Birmingham Crown Court.

Now that his car has been scrapped, Khan feels the money could have been utilised for a better cause. “I saved to buy this car and it was of sentimental value to me and my family. The police had no right to do what they did and it is very sad! This money could have gone to a good cause, as a Ferrari broken for parts is worth more then the car as a whole!”

The 31-year-old millionaire says he bought the Ferrari from a large auction company and claimed that he had official Ferrari parts fitted to the car, stating that neither the car nor its fitting were obtained illegally.


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