DEUTSCHE (eBay) parts SUCK! – 2005 BMW M3

DEUTSCHE (eBay) parts SUCK! – 2005 BMW M3
DEUTSCHE parts are INFERIOR compared to OEM. Not worth the little money saved when putting important parts onto your beloved M3.

This is a vid showing the difference between a new Deutsche Center Support Bearing (CSB) for the drive shaft on a 2005 BMW M3 vert and an OEM one from a local BMW dealership. eBay part was after tax and shipping, local was about 0 with tax. (WORTH THE EXTRA, watch and see why) Even my original with 80k miles on it was in better shape/more durable and better quality than this NEW ebay part.

“GUARANTEED OEM QUALITY AND FITMENT” – This is a FLAT OUT LIE, if you call them on it, they will take the return, but you are still out shipping both ways which is on a part….that’s bullshit….don’t sell it if it doesn’t work..that’s fraud.

“Heavy Duty Version with bearing ” = I would HATE to see the “normal” duty version. lolz

Deutsche parts, more like “DOUCHE” parts.

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