Genuine BMW Parts

Genuine BMW Parts
Know your rights and insist on only Original BMW Parts. At BMW Certified Collision Repair Centers, experts will work with you and your insurance company to assure your Ultimate Driving Machine® receives the highest quality repairs. BMW technicians will work diligently to return your vehicle back to its pre-accident premium condition using only BMW approved tools, equipment and repair procedures. Watch this video to find out how or visit:

[EXCLUSIVO] Ferrari FF Novitec Parts [HD]

[EXCLUSIVO] Ferrari FF Novitec Parts [HD]
Ferrari FF com kit aerodinâmico Novitec-Rosso rodando por Jurerê Internacional em Florianópolis.

Ferrari FF with aerodynamic kit Novitec Rosso running by Jurere in Florianópolis.


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Take A Few Moments To Visit RealOEM Before Buying BMW Parts Online

Take A Few Moments To Visit RealOEM Before Buying BMW Parts Online

Bimmer owners are discovering that before purchasing BMW parts online that visiting RealOEM can end up saving time and money. RealOEM is an online BMW parts catalogue which provides a lot of valuable information. For example, if you want to know if you’re getting a fair price on your BMW spare parts, you can look them up on RealOEM first and receive a price estimation. This will help you determine if you’re overpaying for those BMW parts or if you should continue to shop around for a better deal.

That price estimation may also reveal that the price you’re getting on those BMW parts is exceptionally low and that too should be something that makes you hesitate.

Certainly being given the ability to buy BMW parts online has generally been a positive for Bimmer drivers. It’s now possible to avoid going through an authorized dealer in person to get OEM BMW spare parts. That not only makes it more convenient, it makes for more competitive pricing that benefits the consumer.

But the online marketplace has also made it easier for suppliers to sell knockoffs and imitations of BMW parts that aren’t OEM and don’t meet the same standards of quality that you expect. If you discover that the BMW parts you’re about to order are priced significantly lower than what you’re finding at other suppliers, the fact that they’re not actual OEM parts may be the explanation.

Another great benefit of visiting RealOEM is simply confirming that you’re ordering the BMW spare parts for your exact make and production year of car. Buying BMW parts online can be confusing particularly if you’re shopping at a supplier that offers products from manufacturers.

It’s not uncommon for someone to think they’ve got the right BMW parts only to discover once they’ve been delivered that they got the wrong ones.

Looking up your parts on RealOEM before finalizing your order is a great way to avoid this problem. RealOEM has an easy to navigate catalogue with diagrams for all of the BMW parts and has them categorized for easy browsing. This is a step that will take just a few moments but can save you the time of getting the wrong parts and having to send them back. Once you’ve discovered how you benefit from visiting RealOEM, you’re likely to do so every time you’re going to buy BMW parts online.

Ferrari V12 Engine

Ferrari V12 Engine
Ferrari V12 Engine Assembly. From start to finish, one technician is responsible for the assembly……..

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Ferrari 458 Italia review and parts (Hot Wheels)

Ferrari 458 Italia review and parts (Hot Wheels)
Looking at what parts we have for customizing the Ferrari 458 Italia

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BMW i Vision Future driving with autonomous parts and connectivity in BMW i8 Spyder concept

BMW i Vision Future driving with autonomous parts and connectivity in BMW i8 Spyder concept
See more about the BMW i8 Spyder concept:

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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale walk around

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale walk around
This is an award winning Challenge Stradale that has won 3 Concours events and is in ‘as new’ condition. The car is presented and maintained by Ferrari Advocates Australia.

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Ferrari F430 Scuderia Exhaust Sound, Down Shifts and Acceleration – 2011 FCA Ottawa Demo Zone

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Exhaust Sound, Down Shifts and Acceleration – 2011 FCA Ottawa Demo Zone
We recorded this Ferrari F430 Scuderia made from Ferrari parts doing some amazing flybys and a burnout during the 2011 FCA Ottawa Ferrari Festival Demo Zone on Carling.

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How to install 2016.04 BMW ETK Electronic Parts Catalog obdii365

How to install 2016.04 BMW ETK Electronic Parts Catalog obdii365
Original Spare Parts Catalog BMW ETK software contains the information on spare parts and accessories of machines and motorcycles for all regions,
since 1932 (machine) and since 1948 (motorcycles).

Multi-Language: English, Netherlands, Chinese, German etc.

2016.05 BMW ETK 3.1.30 Electronic Parts Catalog Free Download

2016.05 BMW ETK 3.1.30 Electronic Parts Catalog Free Download

In version 08.2001 cosmetic changes of the interface are made and the information on antiquarian automobiles and motorcycles (probably for collectors) is added.
Since version BMW ETK 07.2001 (the version of the program 4.0) in the program has been added the new machine, MINI R50, a retort on Alec Issigonisa’s legendary automobile AUSTIN MINI, and old both new automobiles and motorcycles are divided. Old automobiles and motorcycles are born on the button ” Alive tradition “. It is established BMW ETK simply, the program is completely established on the winchester, borrows ~900Mb, works at the sanction of the monitor 1024×768 or is higher. The program is completely transferred to Russian. Starting c versions BMW ETK 04.2000 (the version of the program 3.0) on CD is only the version under Windows, the price-list is delivered on two diskettes.

First install BMW ETK System Administrator all over again is automatically established, and already from it program BMW ETK, BMW TIS is established, etc. The Prices are established too from System Administrator, for this purpose the archive from a diskette containing two files, actually a price and a file a label is unpacked and rushes to a root of disk C, then the item ” gets out To establish the price ” and specify a way to files.

Then the program BMW ETK within 5-20 minutes depending on capacity of the machine loads the prices into the program, after the termination of loading of the prices these files can be removed.

Identification of the machine in the program is carried out on the last to 7 signs VIN of number, all other signs at BMW do not bear what information, except for the data of the manufacturer.